November 10, 2010

Atomic Tom - "Take Me Out"

I made a resolution this year to get back into researching NYC-based bands, so I'm happy to say I'm kinda staying true to it. Of course it helps that some of the best music to come out this year just so happens to hail from the greater NYC area. Enter one of the coolest things I have ever seen happen on a NYC subway train, let alone one on the way to the BK. So apparently, Atomic Tom had their instruments stolen recently. In the spirit of impromptu shit, they decided to hop on the B train en route to Brooklyn and film "Take Me Out" (album version) in one take using nothing but their iPhones as instruments much to the surprise of random commuters. I'm not an iPhoner, so I'm not entirely sure if what you're about to see is mind-boggling to the point of WTF, but I think the whole thing is pretty sick. "Take Me Out" is definitely one of my favorite "Top 'Getting Ready' Songs of 2010" already, so this video just makes this 100% live clip 100% more awesome. The only thing that's missing is the obligatory crazy homeless guy rocking out in the corner... or an Apple representative handing them a big fat check post-performance for the shameless iPhone plug and a half. (Oh, and to the band member on the farthest right... have you ever worked at Endless Summer Tacos in Williamsburg? I think you or your doppelganger gave me extra salsa verde once.)


Mona said...

Forgot to mention: the only other additional "equipment" they used was a speaker to plug in their iPhones. I think they may have also filmed this on an iPhone. iCrazy!