August 25, 2010

MFNW Saturday Preview - Japandroids, Free Energy, & Jeff The

No venue hopping tonight. The line up at the Doug Fir on Saturday couldn't have been better if I curated it myself. In fact, I am going to pretend I did. I am now dubbing it the Totally Unofficial QuickCrit Rock n' Roll Showcase!!! Hell yeah! I'm getting drunk just thinking about it.

Saturday, September 11th

Jeff The Brotherhood @ Doug Fir (10 PM)
These two guys make hilariously lo-fi videos. The songs are simple, the lyrics indiscernible, and the guitar distorted and awesome.

Free Energy @ Doug Fir (11 PM)
A serious contender for my most loved and certainly loudest played album this year. It captures a hedonistic innocence that just feels like summer.

Japandroids @ Doug Fir (12 AM)
Last time I saw them on of their amps caught on fire! No joke. Their album made our Best of 2009 list. If you like scuzzy, hook-filled indie rock, you can't miss it.

FREE ENERGY "Bang Pop" from Free Energy on Vimeo.


awmercy said...

The Cheap Girls open, but I know absolutely nothing about them... yet.

Mona said...

Wow. "Hell yeah! I'm getting drunk just thinking about it."

That is officially one of my favorite lines I've read on QuickCrit this year, and this is saying alot because NT and Sandenuts are always typing quotable stuff too. I may have to steal it at some point (and credit it per use, of course).

BTW, every time you write about Japandroids shows on this thing, I get more pissed off that I have yet to see them live. I love them too. Ugh!

awmercy said...

You should be jealous. Saturday is going to be awesome.

The Cheap Girls are pretty cool too.