August 6, 2010

Delorean - "Stay Close" (single)

Resident dreamer here, back with your daily dose of music-related fantasy and whimsy. Do you ever look out the window, close your eyes, and pretend you've just been transported to a life of infinite tranquility and beauty on the Balearic Islands of say, I dunno, Majorca? Ibiza, mayhaps? No? Oh... yeah, umm, me neither. In case the cold hand of reality just kicked your ass and perpetually precludes you from jetsetting, thankfully Spanish alternative dance band Delorean makes gorgeous synth pop soundscapes that temporarily delude you into thinking you're already there in your mind everytime you turn up their new [and my current favorite] record, Subiza (2010)... a stunning album that tastes like summer and plays like a neverending sonic dream. I find my affinity to this band hysterical, considering I've never been the discotheque-frequenting type, I don't summer in Europe, and I dislike dancing with anyone anywhere outside of the bedroom. But Delorean makes me want to hop on in, steal Plutonium from some angry Libyans, speed up to 88mph, and kickstart that flux capacitor to transport me back to a mid-'90s all-night house party slash rave off the coast of Spain. Such is the magical power of Delorean for making me nostalgic for a time and place I never even experienced, or thought I'd ever miss. While I absolutely adore the sweet shimmer of "Real Love" and the entrancing beat of "Warmer Places," the euphoric "Stay Close" is, hands-down, my favorite track and I'm utterly beguiled by it, much like I would be with the nonchalant delivery of an unintentional witticism a crush makes when we're talking on the phone. Like those last few bites of a really great dessert, I enjoy slowly savoring the melody of "Stay Close" in my head. I also find myself still remembering how the song makes me feel long after I'm done listening to it. In fact, if I were to make a mix CD for my boy-du-jour, I would strategically place "Stay Close" as the final track... with the hopes that after listening, he too would find himself doing the very same about all things me.

I can't seem to get enough of the official video for "Stay Close." Getting frisky on the beach, swimming, frolicking, cute animals, hues of clear blue water and endless sunshine... it's pretty much a 4:33 long video clip of everything I love in life, set to a killer nostalgic soundtrack. Jump in and get wet:

Awesome live clip here. I'm really digging the colorful stage set-up. Another great live clip from SXSW 2010 here.


Mona said...

Boo! Delorean is playing Slim's in San Francisco tonight while *just* last week I was there desperately trying to find a good live band to watch to no avail. I envy anyone going :/