July 25, 2010

Sandenut's Summer Short List 2010

5. San Jose Music In The Park Playlist - Don't mean to start off with a disappointment but I thought #5 should go to last place. San Jose's music in the park's playlist of artists sucked this year! Gaslight Anthem not withstanding. Too much reggae and radio promotion bullshit. Gimmie Black Joe Lewis and Leela James, Fuck!

4. Los Olvidados@ The Blank Club in San Jose - 80's punk rock at my favorite dive bar atmosphere, wow I needed that.

3. Hillstomp/Darker The Night - "Up Here" is amazing, awesome album. The banjo is making a comeback, always a good sign of things to come, in life, in general.

2. The Black Keys/Brother - Another rippin album from one of the best bands ever, need I say more?

1. Bo Diddley/The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection - Been kind of in a musical funk lately and rediscovered Bo, carried me through. Example: Blastin' "Ooh Baby" at a stoplight, not really payin' attention with the windows down. Turned to my right to see a convertible 66' Impala with two gangster black dudes totally rockin' out. When the song was over they said "Yo man, who is that?" So I popped out the cd and said "Mr. Bo Diddley young man." And tossed him my burned copy as the light turned green. Just the thought of them crusin' the streets listening to "Ooh Baby" makes me smile.


awmercy said...

That Bo Diddley story was awesome. I am going to go bump some Diddley today in your honor.

Mona said...

Sandenuts, you need to write more. That's all I am gonna say about this matter for now! :)

sandenuts said...

I know! Between working nights, and 40 hour weekly shifts in the E.R. it's hard to make time to find new bands. I think I am going to start posting about old bands that I like. Maybe new post format? Sande's Poor Man's Throwbacks- Good Bands You Forgot You Own. Thoughts?

awmercy said...

I say go for it. Write about whatever interests you. We've done a couple posts on the Top 5 <> Songs, but feel free to do whatever you like.

Nightrain said...

In the words of Smokey Robinson, "I second that (e)motion."