July 15, 2010

James Vincent McMorrow - Early In The Morning (2010)

Remember when people went bonkers for everything Bon Iver? I do, because for a stretch there I was one of those people. James Vincent McMorrow may not revive the exact same feeling of "I hope it rains today so I can stay inside under a blanket and listen to For Emma, Forever Ago on repeat" to the full extent as Bon Iver,  but he takes a damn good stab at it. Perhaps more musically clean, complex and upbeat than his Wisconsin counterpart's record, the similarities certainly hold water, in no small part of the diverse use of acoustic instruments and falsetto vocals. Additionally, Early In the Morning was allegedly recorded under similar isolationist, introspective circumstances as For Emma, Forever Ago -- but this is far from a "copycat" effort. Tracks like "Breaking Hearts," "If I Had A Boat" and "Sparrow & The Wolf" all exemplify the exceptional talent rooted in McMorrow's musicianship and songwriting independent of references to Justin Vernon. So far this album has only been released in the UK (that I know of) so keep your eyes open for when it heads west. For now you can stream (legally) the full album here. Enjoy, I know I have.


Heart On Sleeve Music said...

It's a really great album, one of the best we've heard in 2010 so far, a real joy to listen to.

Nightrain said...

I am not sure that it has solidified a spot in the "coveted" Top Ten, but it is quite good.

Lot's of high-caliber albums this year... tough decisions to be made.

awmercy said...

My top 10 is already getting seriously crowded.