June 9, 2010

Macy Gray - Beauty In The World (Video)

Now, I listen to Macy Gray as often as I listen to Vinnie Jones' album Respect (What the?! Exactly). But I have to admit, she hit quite a few of my "top five favorite things in life" with this World Cup themed release for "Beauty In The World." It's not the official video mind you. That can be seen here, and it is boring as hell in comparison (Too much face-time with Ms. Macy). Can't say that I endorse the overly simplistic and repetitive song (despite its good intentions and message) so much as I endorse this video and the talented women featured in it. 1 Day; 20 Hours; 55 Minutes.... Ahhhhhhhh!


awmercy said...

Ha! You know you love Respect. A collector's item like that is something to treasure.

Nightrain said...

Treasure, yes... but not listen to.

I needed something soccer related for my comparison and what could be more fitting.