January 27, 2010

The White Buffalo @ Café Du Nord

Although the chemistry of a group of musicians when they are perfectly in sync and rockin' out is always impressive, for me, there is something even more impressive and emotionally transcending about just a voice and a guitar manipulating a room packed with people. Snap shirts were in full effect at Café Du Nord this past weekend of The White Buffalo, and everyone in attendance was treated to a powerful solo acoustic performance that, for the most part, entranced the spectators into silence. One nice component of the solo show, is that The White Buffalo (aka Jake Smith) can go in any direction he likes during the performance, for instance finishing his set off with a country legends medley and constantly bantering with the engaged rowdies up front. I would normally say that the The White Buffalo should be looked into, but in the case of the solo performance, I'd have to escalate my recommendation to the lofty "not to be missed" plateau.

The man is currently on tour will be making a stop in Portland, Oregon tonight (Wednesday, January 27) at Mississippi Studios. If you know what's good for you, you'll be there. Tell him "America" sent you... you'll get it when you see the video.


awmercy said...

Guess I'll have to go. No excuses now.

awmercy said...

The White Buffalo sounded great. Glad I finally saw him.