January 22, 2010

Friday Night Beer Pairing: Unibroue & The Dirtbombs

I live a city that loves both beer and indie rock passionately, and since they always improve each other, it makes sense to talk about them together. While I could have started this series with any of the many local microbrews and indie bands I love, I decided to start with the combination that gave the idea – Unibroue and the Dirtbombs "La Fin Du Monde".

The connection here is of course obvious and for some reason once I made that connection I could not have one without wanting the other. It helps that I love both. While We Have You Surrounded is far from my favorite Dirtbombs' album, "La Fin Du Monde" is a great song. It's sung in French, so I have no idea about the lyrics, but figure that the apocolyptic theme of the album carries into a song about the end of the world. Somehow they make it sound wistful and pleasant. The beer pays homage to "great explorers, who believed they had reached the end of the world when they discovered America" and at 9% the beer is a heavy weight and could make you tackle hedges on your way home from the bar.


Tex said...

Did Ancient Indian Wizard tell you to say that? The hedge diving part?

awmercy said...

Ha. I think I heard about it at the Poet shortly after it happened and since then it's been a story that makes me smile and the beer taste better.