November 25, 2009

Surfer Blood - "Swim" [Single] (2009)

Looking ahead to 2010, Surfer Blood's album Astro Coast is set for a January 19th release date and if advance blog chatter is an indication of an albums potential success, consider Surfer Blood soon to be platinum artists. We all know, however, that hype can be misleading, so I prefer to turn to cold, hard evidence. Exhibit A: Their first single "Swim (To Reach The End)" is the kind of anthemic catchy pop rock that is worth looking forward to. Soaring vocals hover above power pop chords with intermingled riffs that are reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, although the bands shouldn't be directly compared. If "Swim" is representative of what the rest of the album will offer, save a slot on your "summer short list" because I have a feeling the album will be packed with summer jammy-jams. Just think, you could be the first kid on your block rocking these tunes at your late January barbecue. Ultimately, there is good stuff here and if the nine other tracks follow the "Swim" direction, I think that Astro Coast will be one to tap into come 2010.


awmercy said...

This is a pretty rad single. So are you saying that this album is disqualified from the 2009 lists?

Nightrain said...

2010, dude. Hold your horses.