August 10, 2009

Mika - "We Are Golden" (2009)

We Are Golden - MIKA

Here's a little video to get you through Monday afternoon. It's the lead single off of Mika's upcoming album, and I have to say I'm liking it. It has a coked-up teenager-with-ADD vibe (especially the rad falsetto), but it's one thousand times better than the previous songs that I've heard from the album.

I hope this is the general direction the new collection of songs will take. Also, if this doesn't make him a hit in West Hollywood, I don't know what will!


Nightrain said...

Interesting... "one thousand times better"!

How, exactly, does one quantify something like that?

Brasilliant said...

If you have to ask that question, Nightrain, you clearly didn't hear the four song promo EP that has been floating on the internets :)

Given my love for Mika, it was hard to have such a harsh reaction. This video gives me hope.

Mona said...

Oh wow, this sounds familiar. I think you guys subjected me to the sounds of Mika on your iPod when we were driving up the mountain. It was too steep to self-eject ;)