August 23, 2009

The Idle Hands - The Hearts We Broke... (2009)

The very respectable rock traditions of Minneapolis and Ireland, although not usually in one package, bring to us The Idle Hands who do an excellent job of making it very easy to like their music on The Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show. It is catchy, well-written and filled with charming hooks and the always-popular Irish accents. The upbeat, pop-punk and indie rock songs make for good listening for most rollicking, feel-good moods and occasions, from party to gym to lazy stretches where a pick-me-up is needed. Tracks, like the first single, "Loaded," (which if you haven't checked out yet, do so immediately) the toe-tapping "Liver and Brains," The Dandy Warhols-esque "Married Life," the aptly named "The 80s Killed Your Boyfriend," and the sing-a-long chorused "Sunshine on the Tenements," bring you way up, while, the also excellent "Secretary" and "Queen of Air and Darkness" smooth you out and nicely balance the album. There is a lot to like, and nothing that I can think of to dislike, except for the fact that album title is really, really long. Hopefully The Idle Hands will hit the road soon in support of this very mature, fun album.


awmercy said...

I'm really enjoying this album.

Nightrain said...

Yeah. For sure. I don't often name almost every song off an album as my favorite tracks... but I almost did here.

Anonymous said...

Amazing it's my new favorite spin!!!