April 18, 2009

Operation Aloha - Operation Aloha (2009)

As if musician lifestyles weren't enviable enough, Operation Aloha gives plenty of reasons to take 'seething with jealousy' to new realms. This 14-member band/project consists of members from Gomez, Phantom Planet and Maroon 5 who all had about a month of free time in between tours and decided to fly to Maui, Hawaii, shack up in a compound of tree houses with friends, and let the beauty of the island inspire music. I wanted to hate this album, but I actually dig the concept; I feared the free-spirited nature of this project may have resulted in something far too chaotic and disjointed, but I was wrong. The no holds barred, free-wheelin' approach to music paid off as I was pleasantly surprised with it all. It's extremely mellow, chill, and relaxing. Thanks to 30 days of bohemian island life, this album is bluesy island rock meets naturalistic pop with a little Hawaiian folk thrown in for good [and fairly obvious] measure. It definitely brings out your inner-escapist desires and tendencies, while simultaneously providing a soundtrack for this state of mind. Maholo nui loa for this record, dudes! Now if you'll excuse me, I must go build my own tree house compound and hang ten... somewhere. Anywhere.

My favorites: "Failure," "Elephant Pharmacy," "Phone Booth" and "Secret Song." Oh, and the last track "..." because it's just a 7-minute recording of an ocean wave, ebbing and flowing.