October 1, 2008

Jay Reatard - Matador Singles '08 (2008)

More Jay Reatard. Hell YEAH! Wait, another singles collection? Apparently, the vinyl versions of these Matador singles are heating up eBay and for good reason. The CD is packed with 13 short bursts of awesomeness, each song being more of what I've come to expect from Jay in his solo state: fuzzy guitar hooks, catchy choruses, and tons of energy, all in (usually) around 2 minutes. "An Ugly Death" has me gleefully singing "For YOU, for ME, for all to see-e-e-e" about the ugly death of a pretty girl just shortly after singing about how "She creeps me out" on "See/Saw" and before the creepy "Trapped Here". Dude has some issues. Ladies may want to heed the warnings that string through his best songs. But he rocks hard and "Always Wanting More" (figuratively) kills me. It's simple lo-fi garage crunch at its best. Thank Jay Reatard for bringing back pop punk's good name.


ve1cro said...

Awesome album cover, he looks super cozy.

You write like you talk. I can feel how stoked you are about the album!

awmercy said...

It's a pretty rad bathroom.

Mona said...

Wow, this is definitely on the list of best album covers of this year. Hmm, I see some leg. File that under semi-nude album art? lol