July 9, 2008

War Machine's 5

1. Hot Chip-Made in the Dark. I love these guys. I've promised our dear leader a review of this album. I will get that done soon. In the meantime, just know that it's probably my favorite so far this year. I've linked to my favorite song, Ready for the Floor, the first single.

2. The Knux - Cappucino Supposedly, these guys have an album coming out this year. I just googled it and didn't find anything. When I see it, I'll check it out. In the meantime, I need a fresh cappucino with a mocha twist, hey miss...

3. These bad boys. Just got these last month. Sure, I only really wear them at my desk. But they are so baller it makes me want to go backstage with myself.

I usually do. I'm my biggest groupie.

4. Magnetic Fields - Too Drunk to Dream Generally, I didn't love this album. Not what I want from my Magnetic Fields, but this song, provided you ignore the dumb intro, is everything you love of MF songs, but about drinking. Can you say pre-game music?

5. This kid. I like to catch acts early, you know, before all the hype goes to their heads and ruins what made them real. I'm so into this kid right now. He doesn't even have an album out or know how to make number two in the Daddy toilet and I already list him as a favorite act on facebook. That's how into the scene I am.

And to add to that, here are 5 things I'm looking forward to in the second half of this year:

1. Rhymefest - El Che. I could also put the Knux album here, but see above. Considered putting the rumored Child Rebel Soldiers album on here, but, who are we kidding, that ain't coming out this decade. We're more likely to see another Fugees album. Which reminds me.

2. Fugees - Unnamed. They just released/leaked a single off a much rumored to be in production album. Have a listen and judge for yourself.

3. Lollapalooza. Looks like I'm going. If I do, I promise to report back.

4. Postal Service - Unnamed. I heard they are working on something. Ben Gibbard just put out his Death Cab album. It's Postal Service's turn. Plus, UPS could use a new commercial track.

5. Amy Winehouse's tragic death or new album, whichever comes first. Okay, that was mean. Her death would be a tragedy. So much talent. But if she doesn't give a damn about her life, why should I?


Amanda said...

Welcome, War Machine! A few comments:

I'm really glad you gave the Hey Jude kid a moment in the sun. He brings me joy....ous fits of laughter.

It's ABOUT TIME for a new Postal Service album.

Wino is such a train wreck. I love her, but I fear her. And fear for her.

Look forward to your Hot Chip review!

Finally, I hate you. I want to go to Lollapalooza so bad. But the money, see, there is none, see...

Amanda said...

...You'll have to send live updates from the field.

Mona said...

Hi WM. Wow, a new Fugees..? I never thought I'd see the day. And before the GNR's 15-years-in-the-making "Chinese Democracy" comes out? WTF? lol

ancientindianwizard said...

They still make Lollapaloozas? I had no idea!

Nice list.. those headphones look better than mine!

Nightrain said...

Nightrain's "Fearless" Lollapalooza Schedule:

Day 1: Well, the obvious first stop would be Black Lips on the Bud Light stage... more for the Bud Light @ 1215 than the actual music... If you're gonna do a Palooza, you might as well get the party started early... Then I'd hustle over to Rogue Wave on the MySpace stage @ 115. Why? Simply to hear "Lake Michigan" on the shores of Lake Michigan, and rest up for the remained of the weekend. Bold, yet daring. Next, I'd drop in on Yeasayer @ 215 to trip out a bit for the light show, but I may wander over to The Go! Team for a sec to make sure they have their booty shorts on and insure a dance party is in full effect. Then on to The Kills @ 315... Then The Black Keys @ 415, although Gogol Bordello will rock everyone's socks off, guaranteed, but Black Keys are too fuckin' awesome to miss live. Next I'd check out the boy/girl harmonies of Mates of State for half an hour before Grizzly Bear came on... Then I'd hustle over to The Raconteurs as my last show of the night, because I'd much rather party in Wrigleyville than see Radiohead.

Day 2: What a great day to sleep in after ruling the night before. Dr. Dog is the first "must see" of the day @ 130. Cheers to that! Then The Gutter Twins @ 230. Then MGMT, Brand New, and the legendary Okkervil River... that will be awesome!! Then Broken Social Scene @ 630. Now for the 2nd day headliner: Personally, I'd rather see Wilco @ 830, because I saw Rage a few months ago for free and they were exactly the same as they were when I wasn't interested in them years before... but it could be an exciting crowd.

Day 3: Fuck it... Its Sunday, so you have to get up and see Office @ 1130... but then you can grab a nap in the sun, or hustle some brunch, until 115 when The Whigs come on to rock the MySpace stage something fierce. Then just stay where you are because the dance party for Chromeo will be ridiculous, for serious, and you don't want to miss that @ 315. Then G.Love, to keep the dance/love making groove going until 515. Then Flogging Molly, because I have seen them a few times and they always rule. Then Gnarles Barkley because today is "dance party day" and Love And Rockets ain't going no where. Then The National, obviously. Then Nine Inch Nails, because Reznor has more guest artists play with him than anyone else, and Kanye might not show up until 430... AM.

Amanda said...

I'm exhausted just reading that itinerary! Sounds awesome, though. For excellent brunch near enough to the park, I recommend Eleven.