July 20, 2008

Breathe Owl Breathe - Ghost Glacier EP (2008)

This is a pleasant, tranquil 8 song EP that I have been enjoying while spending the last week indoors studying for finals. The fragile guy/girl vocals mix well with acoustic guitar or banjo, minimalist percussion, and piano with cello arrangements that altogether make for simple, unintrusive music. This is mellow indie folk that is decent for background music, but not something that I would initially reach for in most situations. “Drop and Roll,” “Toboggan” & "Playing Dead" have become my personal favorites off this album for reading and relaxing.


Mona said...

Bless your heart for writing, there was a serious lack of quickcrit fodder last week! Wolf Parade will be in your area soon... you going or what??

Nightrain said...

Yeah, well, its vacation season. Writing group members are currently camping, traveling around South America, going to weddings, or, like me, spent the last week studying and writing papers. Good times.

Wolf Parade played on the 17th @ The Fillmore. I had to skip it, along with a few other awesome shows this past week, due to academic obligations. Oh well, its San Francisco, they'll be back.

Mona said...

Oh man. Studying in the summer is the worst. Well, if it helps, I'm seeing them next Thursday night. Expect a kickass review. I've been waiting all year for this night :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Breathe Owl Breathe review. Check out more Michigan artists at earthworkmusic.com and foxonahill.com