July 8, 2008

"Beat-Beatdowns for Everybody'-- Naughty by Nature

Tired of half-steppin', so finally piping up...

Mostly a live music type, 5 recent shows quickly worth shouting out

1) Talib Kweli (Buckshot opening), and Dj sets by Pete Rock (fer fecks sake, no shot for the other shows with that cat steering the party vibe). Venue is real tight too, American Museum of Natural History in NYC--monthly gigs on last friday nights (Simian Mobile Disco there a month or so prior)

2) Ra Ra Riot with Fingers on the Pulse Dj sets. This group is fun to see. More fun, free Black Swan wine for the nite at some New York space (clearly Black Swan is slang for donkeyshiite in Australia; was zero problem).

DJ's worth checking in NYC (and elsewhere): http://www.myspace.com/fingeronthepulsenyc These Brooklyn dj's i've seen twice and suit the crowd/theme real well--when they closed with this cover--Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire Mix)--the night was official massive (go ahead Craig Finn).

3) The Dodos with Les Savy Fav at Black Cat, Black Cat (DC). Dodos were impressive musically (Fools a compelling track off awfully solid album, Visiter). Fat, shirtless bastad lead singer of Les Savy was maniacally entertaining, rifling through the crowd and getting a tighten up by me in a whiskey talking big,-(straight up gross)-things moment.

4) Chicha Libre @ Joes Pub in NYC. Album plays fairly strong live (¡Sonido Amazonico!). Manu Chao with some French lyrics as well, mild drug percussive percussion-off. Saw them at Velvet Lounge in DC as an opening act--which was only intriguing enough to peep them again. They were much more energetic and on point in NYC (Joe's is an institution for tunes to check when that way). Les Sans Culottes was a cheeky, throwback opener with French lyrics and saucy get-ups.

5) Eef Barzalay put on a surprisingly memorable show at Iota in Arlington, VA the other night. Only surprising to me as I'd heard of his quality (ex. of Clem Snide), but don't generally go for nashville, alt-country sounds. The album (Lose Big) is sound throughout, tracks 1 (Could be worse) and 5 (Apocalyptic Friend) standout a bit. M. Ward vocals, something to say as well)

Def. will hit a couple more shows with the DC crew pre-exodus....n hope to post again. peace


Mona said...

Whoa. Do you know where I can get a copy of that Springsteen "I'm On Fire" remix? It's one of my all-time favs! Can you email me it?! :)

Also, love the History Museum. They have shows there??!?!? Only ever went to Starry Night Jazz/Tapas there...

Nightrain said...

Nice Hold Steady drop...

awmercy said...

Ra Ra Riot is about due for a new album. As far as I can tell, they've been cruising off one 20 minute EP for a long time. Ok, maybe just last year, but I'm ready for more.

Anonymous said...


Here is the link for the Springsteen I'm on Fire remix:


You can download the Todd Terje podcast, or just listen to it online, it's the last song on the postcast.


Mona said...

Hey Lydia, thanks for the e-assistance! Sir Beatdown emailed me a link but I had issues dling it so my other friend found an mp3 online and sent it! But thanks either way!

Isn't such a great remix? Friggen love that song.