June 18, 2008

Infadels - Universe in Reverse (2008)

I've been eagerly waiting for this album since I heard the single "Free Things For Poor People", which has been rocking my world for the last month. The lyrics are kind of inane, but only to the point where they are insanely catchy. I even like the remix version and I almost never like the remix version (The dub mix is still a little much). While waiting for this album to be released I went back and downloaded their previous album off eMusic (It's good). That's my passion for this song. There's a bunch of good danceable British indie rock on this album. I like their faster songs better, the thumping beats seem perfect for dorky white boy dancing at places like DC9 (queue wincing). In fact, most of the songs would get people moving, "Code 1" and "Make Mistakes" in particular. While I am not sure I'll listen to the album straight through all that much, I'll be glad each time a single shuffles on.


Mona said...

Sounds infidelicious! Haha. Have you ever been to Indebleu in DC? The lamest, fratboy, skeeziest white boys go there and get down to the worst dance music possible. Don't ever go there!

ps- happy 100th post!

awmercy said...

Mona, you sound like you speak from experience. Are you really a closet skeezy frat boy?

Mona said...

Please, child. Actually, I just know about the lameness cuz I go down to DC 50 times a year and was dragged there to some dude's bday party.

The funniest thing that happened:

There was this guy next to us who had "great rhythm" and I turned to him and said "Dude, could you please stop dancing so well? You're making us all look bad!" and he smiled and said "Sorry, I can't help it. I'm black." It was pretty funny. But the music still sucked!