April 8, 2008

In Flames - A Sense Of Purpose (2008)

I have been listening to these Scandinavian metal patriarchs for a really long time, and even with well over a hundred of their songs comprising my gym/run iPod mixes I still get excited when they release new music. Like Come Clarity, there are some songs on A Sense Of Purpose that I enjoyed instantly, while others will need some time to grow on me... similar to new underwear. With the exception of the patient, eight-minute digression that is The Chosen Pessimist, In Flames rampages through A Sense Of Purpose with their signature blistering guitar riffs, classical interludes, aggressive scream/sing vocals, and yell-a-long choruses. I wouldn't say that this is "classic" In Flames, in the Jester Race sense of the word, but anyone who has followed their progression should be entertained by this solid release.

The essentials: “The Mirrors Truth,” “Condemned,” and “Alias”


awmercy said...

I was wondering when you were going to get around to posting on these guys. Which is the best song that involves metal singing as opposed to yelling?

Nightrain said...

Ha! Yeah, I've been really lagging, haven't I? Law School is really getting in the way of my album reviewing... priorities, priorities.

Anyway, I would say that the most accessible song for the non-scream-sing crowd is probably "Alias." You could also check out "The Chosen Pessimist," for something a little more epic.