February 2, 2017

Serena's Favorite Albums of 2016

1. Beyonce-Lemonade 

If you have not watched Lemonade, stop what you are doing and do so. You can come to my house and watch it. Be warned that I cry every time I watch. 
2. Solange-A Seat at the Table                  

3. Kanye West-Life of Pablo       

Name one genius that ain't crazy, amirite!?  
4. The Avalanches-Wildflower 

Worth the wait!! Also the video for Because I'm Me is a joyful celebration of black bodies, I recommend it             

5. Manatee Commune-Manatee Commune   
6. Bat For Lashes-The Bride             
7. Common-Black America Again  
8. Glass Animals-How to Be a Human Being   
9. A Tribe Called Quest-We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service             

10. DJ Shadow-The Mountain Will Fall   


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