February 22, 2008

The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust (2008)

If you're like me you don't mind that the Raveonettes sound like the Jesus And Mary Chain. You probably also don't mind looking band member Sharin Foo. This album has a couple more electronic-y bits thrown in here and there but for the most part has their trademark fuzz/surfguitar/minimalist sound. If I was still working at the bar this would be oft played around 10:00 on my sunday night shift like every other Raveonettes album that preceeded it.. My choice tracks "Dead Sound" and "Blush".


awmercy said...

I also really like "You Want the Candy". It's the song that most reminds me of their previous albums.

awmercy said...

For better or worse, they've toned down the kitschy B movie sexiness on this release. Their album art seems to signal this move.

Nightrain said...

So, you think you can review one Raveonettes album and then take the rest of the month off eh?

I know you have some new stuff in the bag of tricks... bust it out!